Mary Dana Abbott in der YogaKitchen Düsseldorf (Oberkassel)

Mary Dana Abbott

Vinyasa-Yoga mit Mary Dana Abbott in der YogaKitchen Düsseldorf (Oberkassel) "I practice yoga to stay mindful, curious, and open to all that is around me. That is my wish for you.

It all started way back...

In the 80s when I was a little kid and I took Hatha Yoga with my Dad at our local dance center. Honestly, I was mainly there for the super long savasana because it was basically a nap! A lot has changed since then and over the years I have explored all kinds of styles and disciplines: Bikram, Asthanga, Jivamukti™, Anusara, Iyengar, Lotus Flow and now, Katonah Yoga. An eternal student and humble servant to the discipline, I live to teach and guide those who want to teach. Over the years and all over the world I have shared this practice with thousands of people who have caught on that there is something magical about yoga.

My philosophy...

I believe that the yoga practice is a path to getting to know reality from the inside out, cleaning out the inner chaos and clutter so we can be fully present to both the joys and demands of daily life. It will keep us agile and lucid in mind and body, allowing us to integrate a myriad of other activities: saving the world, raising a family, running marathons, tearing up the dance floor, etc, into a life that is rooted in well-being.
My classes, trainings and workshops abide by the integration of three principles: form, flow and function. My passion is to work with you to find a sustainable form that embodies the architecture and artistry of the human body in order to reach its greatest potential. Once we are there, we can flow to a functional, sustainable, and liberating way of existing in our bodies.

My teachers...

I wish to thank my teachers Jasmine Tarkeshi, Carrie Owerko, Gabriel Halpern, Nevine Micchan and Abbie Galvin for their guidance and wisdom. You should seek them all out, they have so much to share."

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